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IASIU offers three certification programs. The Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator (CIFI) program is an accrediting process for individuals with the specialized skills required to detect, investigate and deter insurance fraud. The Certified Insurance Fraud Analyst (CIFA) program is an accrediting process that covers all topics that deem an analyst to be well rounded and versed in all aspects of fraud analysis.  The Certified Insurance Fraud Representative (CIFR) program is a newly developed certification program for claim representatives.  These claims representatives possess the requisite specialized skills required for the early detection of fraud, to properly conduct preliminary claims investigations and to provide quality referral to SIU.  All three programs have high standards for admission and testing, which includes adherence to IASIU’s code of ethics and a demonstrated competency through mandatory continuing professional education.

Members and nonmembers can submit CIFI & CIFR applications and members can submit CIFA applications online and view exam dates on the IASIU website.

Individuals can also keep track of recertifications by submitting and tracking CEUs through the IASIU website.


The New England Chapter is a proud sponsor of the IASIU Certification Programs. For more information on taking an exam here in New England, request your exam through the International or contact us for more information.

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